Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I'd like to think that I'm pretty good at this time management thing.
I mean, I know people who waste a lot more time than I do.
As much as it seems like I do in a day, there are always ways to improve.

For example, I probably didn't have to spend the last hour trying desperately to spend the credit I have at nastygal.
(Among a few other little things, I settled on a grey tank top, because, I really need another one of those.)
I also didn't have to pour myself a glass of wine, check facebook, instagram, pinterest, and each of my favorite blogs, 
all before even considering opening the gigantic document that is going to measure my ability to earn this masters degree.
Oh, you know, that one little thing I have to finish.

So here I am, now, writing a post about time management instead of doing what it is that I really need to be doing.

I take back that first sentence.
I am horrible at managing my time.

I always get all of the little things out of the way (dishes, bills, puzzles),
I can multi-task to a fault (you should see me whirl around doing thirty things at once!),
but I never give myself enough time to do the big things. Never.
I always plan to. I write it down, I think about it way in advance, 
but then there I am, kicking myself for always waiting until the last minute.
Was this one of my resolutions? It should've been the only one.

I should take a few cues from Ramona: sleep/shopping.


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