Saturday, January 18, 2014


Dress how you want to be treated, right?
Well, with my upcoming student teaching experience lurking right around the corner, 
I am doing everything I can to scrounge up every little professional piece I can.

The most important thing when I get dressed is how comfortable I feel.
Chasing 1st graders and an almost-four-year-old make comfort an absolute necessity, 
but it's still important that I look polished and put together.
In addition to comfort, my clothing needs to be basic enough to wear at least twenty different ways.

I'm the first to give leggings their much-deserved shout-out, 
but nothing shows that you care and that you respect other's time more than taking care of yourself 
and bringing your best self to work each day.
Here are a few pieces that I have recently bought, or want to soon, to polish up my closet 
(and all of them are currently on sale big time!):

 A good pair of skinny black ponte pants from Madewell.

A pair of comfy/cute black/nude jeffrey campbell flats.

It would be so easy to dress this market popover up or down.

A simple dress like this one from hm.

This fun gold planner.

Keep it classy, friends.



  1. the look in the 3rd photo!!! too cool

    1. I know! I bought the shirt and am very excited about it! It looks really cozy...