Wednesday, October 23, 2013


I was nearly moved to tears when I saw how an instagram mama I adore
was collaborating with yet another instagram mama I adore.

Danni's daughter, Edie, loves to paint. She's pretty good at it, too.
The instagram community has seen her paintings of foxes, flamingoes, and lions in all their adorableness
evolve over the past months. 
Recently, Danni collaborated with Hello Apparel and put Edie's prints
on Hello's staple sweatshirts, tees, and totes.
I might have to order the fox tee for Ramona.

//If you'd like to shop the collection, click here//

I really love seeing a community of women supporting one another, and each other's babies.
Creativity is something that should always be encouraged and celebrated.
The earlier a child gains the intrinsic motivation to create and seek out art in various forms, the better.
Woo, Edie!


//I would start following both of those fine ladies' instagram feeds, if I were you.//

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  1. Love it! I too LOVE to support instagram mamas - xo