Saturday, March 9, 2013

Favorite Things: Spring Cleaning

We have started to feel little bits of Spring around here over the last few weeks;
the crocuses and daffodils are blooming everywhere, and Ramona even spotted a garden yesterday that had bees chaotically gathering the first pollen of the year.

We planted our herbs in the back, and have planned out this years garden which should be planted and done by next weekend.
We will be growing corn for our very first time this year, too... woo!

Spring makes me feel so full of energy and life, all the blooms and the slowly warming air take me back to one of the single most beautiful times in my life: the last weeks of my pregnancy with Ramona June. 
She was born in late March and, almost like a dream, the weeks preceding her arrival were colored with newly blossomed cherry trees. The whole city was pink. 
It was as if the universe knew I hated the color, or knew I was having a girl. It was magical, whatever the universe meant by it.

The energy that this time of year brings also turns me into a crazy, belongings-purging madwoman.
I donate, I sell, I organize. 


Here are a few of my favorite organizers, for those of you who also jump on the spring organizing wagon:
The cutest shelf ever, Ferm Living The Little Dorm Shelf from fawn & forest. Perfect for showcasing all of your tiniest treasures.

I put everything in jars, and these are of the particularly cool variety. Vintage typography storage jars from The Grey Market.

This whimsical little Animals of Whittling Wood coatrack over at Theo, because I can't even count how many times a day I pick up coats and sweaters from the floor.

A super soft milled leather pouch from baggu. Fits inside a purse as a makeup bag, or it would be an adorable clutch all by itself.

A brilliant DIY from Martha Stewart. I never have a pen nearby when I want to write something on the grocery list, ahem...
problem solved.

And I just love this painted wire basket from retropops for storing everything from kids' toys to toilet paper to fabric scraps. 


Well, this little post made it stridently clear that I need to organize my sewing supplies. 
Like, yesterday.

Happy almost-Spring, ya'll!
And don't forget to lose that hour tomorrow!


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