Thursday, February 14, 2013

A real man gets his wife a singing telegram for V Day.

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Today was the loveliest Valentines Day that I can remember, 
which I suppose is pretty easy when I have two loves to smooch and dote on.
I put a little bag of surprises together for Ramona to wake up to, 
as well as paper hearts with sweet messages taped all around the house.
She ran all over, all morning, searching for the hearts.
The favorite one of those was "kiss daddy," which was pretty adorable to watch.

I snuck out of bed early to make these scrumptious jammers and some coffee,
we had our simple, yet festive, breakfast and got Ramona ready for preschool.
Cody took her so that I could shower and have a bit of a relaxing morning,
then the two of us sat on the couch for a good hour reading and drooling over houses that we want to buy. 
(It's our new favorite pastime. It's ridiculous. We are so excited to own a home.)

Just as I was getting antsy and eager to leave the house before we had to get Ramona,
a couple of men appeared on our doorstep. 
Cody grabbed the iPad, ignored the knocking, and tried to play it cool.
I opened the door to an adorably talented singing telegram duo, while Cody stood by and filmed the entire thing. 
I mean, they even had a ukulele.
More importantly, they had a half-dozen alder smoked chocolate chip cookies
They taste like beef jerky and chocolate chips, in a really, really good way.
Then we went and had a little sushi lunch, complete with chilled sake.

So, my husband nailed it this year. He is amazing, blah blah blah.
I am fulfilled. My heart is happy. I love, and I am loved.


▲On a related love note, this is a great reminder for all parents: Seven Ways to Love a Child: A Valentine for Parents

▲And, here is the video Cody took of the singing telegram (sorry about the terrible quality, but check out his pink hat!):


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