Monday, February 11, 2013

Dry shampoo?

I have always been the most low-maintenance lady I know
when it comes to hair, makeup, nails, you know... all that 'girl' stuff.

I mean, I just learned how to put on a pretty basic sweep of eyeliner,
the only regular beauty routine I've ever prescribed myself to was waxing my lip,
I've only dyed my hair a handful of times, only to make it darker brown and always from a box,
I don't blow dry, straighten, or put any product into my hair, 
and I get a haircut once a year. At most.

So that's me.

But, now I have a problem. 
My super long, super thick hair needs help.
I've done a bit of research, and I know where I'm going to start.

Dry shampoo. 

I hadn't even heard of such a thing until a sweet, hair-knowledgable friend recommended that I try it.

Intrigued, I bought this as a trial run, cheap, beginners dry shampoo: Garnier Fructis Volume Extend Instant Bodifier Dry Shampoo.
It's the name that sold me, really.
After I try this one and figure out just how to use dry shampoo, I will probably explore other brands. 
I will likely try a recipe like this one soon, too.

The problem, you ask? 
I wash my hair in the morning, and but hours later, it is oily at the roots and sticks flat to my head.
It's been uncharacteristically frizzy and generally lifeless.
I've noticed a lot of changes in my hair since having Ramona June, but suddenly it's really bothersome and seems to be getting worse. 

It's hard to imagine not washing my hair, even past tomorrow morning. 
Going days without a wash seems absolutely insane, but I think I desperately need to retrain these tresses.

I'm starting the dry shampoo tomorrow. 
I'll post photos to instagram every day to document my progress, and most likely a blog post, too. 
Wish me luck, and hopefully unwashed, oil-free, voluminous hair!


(Also, any tips are welcomed and encouraged! I mostly don't know how to go from topknot at night, to dry shampoo in the morning; Do I get it wet in the shower, brush it, let it dry, then apply? Or do I *gasp* not get it wet at all, attempt to brush the disaster that is my unwashed hair on day 2, and then apply the dry shampoo and hope for the best? I mean, I still have to go places and be seen folks...)


  1. I use the sauve shampoo and LOVE it! Totally life changing when I discovered it. My hair on it's own will go three days without a wash but with dry shampoo I can go five days. I usually wash it the first day and add dry shampoo to the back for volume after I blow dry and straighten, as needed the rest of the days I spray dry shampoo through the greasy places and brush it through, as it leaves a powdery white residue if you don't. Dry shampoo is a life changer!

  2. I heard the suave one was good, and I looked for it at Target but couldn't find it! I guess I'll have to look elsewhere. I went two days with the dry shampoo and was feeling good, but this morning I washed because I wanted to be fresh for my valentines lunch date with my husband :) I'm starting again tomorrow with it, and I'm hoping to go three days. Thanks for the advice/words of encouragement! I can tell that this really is going to be a game-changer!