Sunday, January 6, 2013

Back to the grind.

After three unbelievably cozy weeks, 
I go back to the grind, back to school tomorrow. 
I also begin teaching a small group of 6th graders a new after-school math curriculum, 
which I couldn't be more excited about! 

It's been a lovely, lazy, lay around the house three weeks,
although I'm actually quite looking forward to being busy again. 
I find that I am so much more productive when I have a million things to do.
You'll likely find me organizing my kitchen cupboards, taking up running again,
or purging my closets when I have a big presentation or paper looming.
Being busy really sparks my creativity and forces me to act.
I like feeling unprepared and underwater in that way,
it gives me a reason to read an extra book, to think up anything else to do besides what I should.
And, I should say, my work never suffers.
The creativity eventually makes its way there.

Well lucky me, our lives are about to be the busiest to date!

We'll have two new things to balance in our schedule
(my tutoring position Mon/Wed + Ramona being in preschool Wed/Fri)
and I've already gotten the supplies to make a big wall chalkboard 
to help us organize our time (see, I'm already planning a project!).
It's hard to imagine, impossible really,
but I'm even looking at getting a part-time serving gig a few mornings a week;
I've already started to disperse resumes around to a few of my favorite brunch spots.

I'm excited about these changes, 
they are all good things that make me certain that 
everything is moving in the right direction; 
the three of us are growing, moving forward together.

Speaking of changes, I went to get my hair cut today.
I decided to chop a drastic (not really) 4 inches, 
and it looks the same. It really looks the same.
Cody, he really tried to be sweet, but he couldn't tell that I had done anything.
That's what happens when your hair is down to your ribcage. 

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