Saturday, December 29, 2012


Today was cold. It was really, really cold.
It has been for awhile now, but I think I just felt it today.
We bundled up and took Ramona's new bike for it's second spin around the neighborhood, 
but ran home quickly to warm up with some hot tea. 
Too cold for me, and much too cold for Ramona.

I've been meaning to do something with Ramona's bits of old crayons for a long time, 
and today we finally melted them down into chunky little heart-shaped crayons. 
It was the perfect indoor activity for her, to sit and peel the paper off of each one,
break them into bits, and mix the colors however she wanted. 
The peeling and breaking was a dream come true for her, really,
and it was a great learning opportunity to see how the colors mixed and changed.

(FYI, if you own this tray from IKEA, DO NOT put it in the oven! Our crayons made it, but the tray will have to be tossed. Oops! Next time I'll make sure it's 100% silicone!)

I want to leave you with a few things Ramona said today that made me just crack up. 
I really want to try to document more of her little isms, share them and note them for myself.
 She is growing and changing so much, thinking and saying and doing new things constantly. 
She is such a funny little lady, and I'm pretty sure she knows it:

▲While riding her bike this afternoon (for just the second time, so still very much learning how to balance), she kept repeating, "I'm riding my bike perfectly! I'm so good at this!" 
She had me laughing all the way around the block.

▲After her bath tonight I was brushing her hair and I said, "What do you think about getting a little hair cut before you start preschool on Wednesday?" She replied, "that sounds like a good idea, mama. All my friends will be so surprised by my new hair!" 
She has only been twice to visit the school, and already calls the kids her friends. 
I'm so excited for her to start this little chapter in her life, friends and learning and endless stories to tell me when she gets home.


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