Saturday, December 8, 2012

Potato-stamped wrapping paper.

I never like the corny wrapping paper I see in the stores or the ones I do like are $15 a roll,
so I took it upon myself to create some of my own this year. 
It was fun, super easy, and only cost me about $2.

1 potato 
a paring knife
acrylic paint I had lying around
a roll of brown postal paper for $2.25 

1. Cut your potato in half
2. Carve your design into your potato
3. Roll your paper out onto a flat surface, hold in place with tape
4. Pick your paint color, dab your potato into the paint
5. Stamp your design on your paper!

As you can see, I used a very simple geometric print 
(If you have been following my pins lately, I'm a little silly for triangles).
I'm so happy with my wrapping paper I can't wait to make more, 
and I especially can't wait for Santa to use it! 

Happy wrapping!


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