Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Growth spurt.

Ramona has been eating everything in sight, all day, and even asks for food at night. 
She had a total of 3 breakfasts today, a huge lunch, and finally passed out in the car while eating pretzels (don't worry, we noticed she was closing her eyes while still chewing, so we asked her to swallow her bite and then proceed to nap. she did). 

I think we're in a for a major growth spurt.

She has been growing up (in height) constantly since she was born, but can't ever seem to put any pounds on. I think it's mostly due to the fact that she never stops moving, we eat really well (organic, whole foods. no fast food, no preserved/frozen foods.), and maybe also because she has some pretty good genes ;)

I always seem to notice changes in her physical needs (sleep, food) coincide with changes in her cognitive needs. For example, lately she has been obsessed with jigsaw puzzles. We had one that was super easy, about 15 pieces, and she got bored with it in a few days. I found a few more, because I really want to harness this new interest of hers, and the one that she loves has 63-pieces and is meant for 5-year-olds. I will watch her do it, and I can see that she has begun to memorize the shapes and where they go; she can place a piece almost instantaneously.

It's remarkable. I can't stop watching her.

Since my jigsaw puzzle master is taking an all-too-rare nap at the moment, I was able to get a few Christmas presents wrapped. I love these quiet times, this quiet time of the year, doing thoughtful things for the people you love. 

(bunny tunic + gold leggings: h&m / mini boden tank tops: thrifted)


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