Sunday, December 2, 2012

Come away with me.

Cody and I spent the last few days on the Oregon Coast, 
in a quaint little town called Cannon Beach. 

We found an amazing happy hour on the seashore, filling ourselves with red wine, the best clam chowder I can remember having, and a wedge salad I would die for.
We went there two days in a row.

We dropped our crab pot, treasure hunted on the beach, and hit a few thrift stores.
Small town (especially small beach town) thrift stores are endlessly interesting to me.

We drank whiskey in our room by the fire while we talked 
about our future, what inspires us, and mostly about our little girl. 

We danced, we laughed, we gazed out our window at the loud, crashing, stormy sea.

We decided to throw on our jackets and walk a block or so to little pub near our hotel; 
we ate terrible wings and played some good pool. 

It was cold, so windy, and raining most of the time, 
but we had each other, completely, and that doesn't happen all too often.


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