Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tired + stretched thin.

Between this weeks' rigorous school schedule
and running off to the beach with my Husband for the weekend,
I'm anticipating being absent from the blog for a few days. 

I'm feeling a little stretched thin and stressed.
I have a lesson to create and write in the next two days.
Cody works all day tomorrow, and I have to give the presentation Thursday evening.
I have this strange belief that I have a fear of public speaking, 
though I keep putting myself in situations that require it. 
Like, oh I don't know, my chosen profession!

I'm so overwhelmed that I'm feeling strangely calm.

For now, I am dreaming of Friday afternoon when 
we'll be driving towards the sea, 
turning our minds off and our senses on, 
not doing anything but listening to the rain 
and enjoying one another.

This sweet song, this time, this place is making me really happy at the moment.


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