Monday, December 10, 2012

Favorite things: Indian vs Indian.

Indian vs Indian is a lovely and creative little shop based right out of Portland, Oregon.
They repurpose old Pendleton wools into amazing cots, pillows, camp stools, and hammocks, among other things.
They also have a few vintage pieces for men, women, and kids.

My dear friend, Heather, is the little lady who sews their pillows,
and I just couldn't love what they are doing any more!

Here are a few of my favorite things currently up for grabs:

I love love the aesthetics of their pieces, and the fact that they reuse materials to create something new and fantastic, how very local it is (Pendleton wool, repurposed in Portland). Please, take a moment to click over and check it out!


In other news, we finally got our tree yesterday.
Cody took Ramona to a tree farm to saw one down, 
I stayed home to finish some thoughts for school.
The lights went up on it this afternoon, I'm thinking ornaments will go up on Wednesday.

Slow, but steady, progress.


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