Thursday, December 13, 2012


Parenting is hard. 
Parenting an almost-three-year-old is really hard.
Laying in bed with said almost-three-year-old for 2.5 hours because they refuse to go to sleep,
that is the stuff that makes you lay there silently sobbing, wishing you could do the thousands of other things one might do between the hours of 7 and 9, but can't because your kid is an insane insomniac who can't fall asleep with you, or without you, by their side. 

Ramona is a terrible sleeper. There I said it. 
The bedtime ritual is something I both adore and abhor;
I love talking about our day, giggling, snuggling, listening to her "read," and just being close,
She just doesn't stop talking, singing, licking me, saying "hi mama..." for hours and hours.

It's all sorts of ridiculous. 

We took a bath, brushed her teeth, had a vitamin, tucked her baby into bed, sang twelve songs (or so, who's counting?), went potty twice, drank some water, had a meltdown (or two), and she finally passed out in the middle of requesting another snack (I don't give her snacks after dinner, it's another mini-battle we're having at the moment). 

Tonight we read seven, SEVEN, books.
In other news, to celebrate finishing my first full term as a graduate student,
last night I bought myself this little bouquet of lavender tulips, some strawberries, dark chocolate almond bark, and some red wine. 

It was a perfect evening spent indulging, after the babe was settled of course.

(I'm pretty sure, almost completely certain, that my grades for this term will be as follows:
98%, 95%, and 100%. I'm waiting for the official grades before I scream it from the rooftops, but I'll buy the flowers now. Yay me!)


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