Thursday, November 1, 2012

Marble + paint.

We had so much fun doing this.
I let her squeeze some acrylic paint in the center of the page,
then we proceeded to roll a marble back and forth to each other across the paint for nearly an hour.

When setting this up, I had the genius idea (if I do say so..) to do it inside of a lid to a board game. 
It was smooth, flat, and kept the marble from rolling across the floor.

Our fingers were covered with paint, and Ramona got some great fine motor practice with her pointer and thumb; she was trying so hard to grasp that slippery little thing. Also, she was discovering that there was red paint there, and blue paint here, but where did this purple come from? Little discoveries.

A fun project, that resulted in a happy girl and some pretty pieces.



  1. How fun! I think I just might have to give this a try sometime! Do you think a small bouncy ball would work? I know we have bouncy balls but marbles I'd probably have to go out and get.

    1. You could absolutely use a small bouncy ball! When we do this again, I think I will use a thinner, more spreadable paint. Possibly homemade finger paint or poster paint. Our marble would almost stop in the big blobs of acrylic. It was fun to push it through and covered our fingers in paint, but for more flowing lines we'll use a different paint next time. I'd love to see how yours turns out!