Monday, October 29, 2012


 a tiny explorer afternoon walks a pretty pillow bubble bow dance party on our pendleton daddy + a mini mummy at brunch coffeeshop art soggy toes in my white ribbons succulents in the sun birds eye view 

Just an odd here and a end there from our week.
(& a couple older photos, because I like them)


  1. I found your blog from a comment you wrote on Bleubird and I must say I'm glad I clicked over! I love your blogs style and can't wait to read more. Between the tasty recipes you've made and the teaching opportunities you post with your daughter, it's all great. My daughter is 2.5 so its awesome to find someone with fresh ideas since it's not always easy coming up with something to do. Thanks so much for sharing your adventures!

    1. What a sweet compliment! Thank you!