Saturday, September 29, 2012

Our day.

We finally got around to having the yard sale that we have been meaning to have since our wedding. Accumulations of pretty wedding things that have no place in our home and old things that were replaced by sweet wedding gifts have been sitting out near our garden for weeks. 

Let's just say, we had a lot to spare. 
And we always have a stack of records we're just not spinning. 

So after weeks of putting it off to go camping, to take a drive to Seattle, to just lay around on a sunny Saturday morning - we did it, and what a success! We sold our big, beautiful kitchen table in the first hour. We sold records. We sold bakeware and candlesticks. We were happy with our efforts, became restless, and decided we'd close up shop a few hours early. Everything (well, I saved the best retro home/kitchen goods to take to Rerun) went out on the sidewalk in a free box and let our neighbors have at it. I cannot believe how quickly all of our unwanted stuff went to happy homes. It saved us a trip to Goodwill and I quite like the idea of our friends and neighbors just taking a few things that they need. 

After the sale, our cozy afternoon consisted of some chalkboard drawings, a little reflection with the husband, and some writing time for mama. 

Now, I think I'll finish the book I have been reading for weeks. 


"It's the sea, a sailboat, and a flying pumpkin wif wings" -Ramona, our 2.5 year old. Amazing, right?

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