Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I turned twenty-seven on Sunday.
It is wild to see those words written out, but alas, it is true.
I am not one who agonizes the weeks leading up to a birthday, 
as aging is something that I seem to have just come to terms with.
I rather enjoy each passing year, and honestly, I feel more relaxed and content with myself
than I have ever felt before.

That's not to say that I don't want time to take it easy and slow down a bit.
Nothing makes you more aware of how quickly time passes than having a child.
I still measure life in weeks and months, and after doing so for about 3.5 years,
I've realized that time just isn't on our side. 
It keeps moving and we better move as gracefully as we can manage, 
right along with it, if we are to enjoy ourselves at all.

Anyways, I had a seriously perfect birthday weekend with my family.

Here are a few photos of moments worth mentioning:

We went to our neighborhood street fair Saturday morning.
We walked from home and all around, ending up at our favorite Chicago-style pizza place to people watch and window shop. 
Ramona got her face painted and a pink balloon. She was pleased.

I wish I could afford those shoes, too, my dear...

Right after the street fair we headed over to our sweet friend Annie's adorable baby shower! 
We ate berries and cupcakes and sipped lemonade in their lush backyard garden.
It was incredibly sweet.

That very same, very pregnant, friend of ours, Annie, came over the next morning (my birthday!)
to watch Ramona while Cody and I biked to breakfast at Screen Door.
We did the whole Portland thing, where you waste 3 hours of your life waiting for a table for brunch.
It was silly, something we don't (can't) ever do with Ramona.
And I hate to say it, but it was actually worth the hour-and-a-half wait.
Cody had to have the chicken and waffles, I went with the migas and a bloody mary.

We were on our way back home, when Cody decided we'd stop at a little farmer's market for a bouquet of flowers. 
I picked out a colorful bunch, and we walked. 
We started strolling aimlessly (or so I thought), 
burning time because we weren't supposed to be home until 1.
Passing the place we always get massages, Cody says, 
"hey, why don't you make an appointment for next week?"
Obliged, I went inside to find that he had actually made me an appointment for a facial/massage that afternoon.
How relaxing. What a guy.

Cody had to work in the evening, so it was me and Moni. 
I had no idea what to do with the rest of our day,
so we looked up movie times and I took her to her very first movie in a theater!
We saw Monster University at this sweet place called the Kennedy School near our house.
It's an old school turned awesome restaurant/hotel/multiple bars/movie theater.
The interior designer is my hero, you could spend hours just exploring the grounds.
I've been to the restaurant and bar a number of times, but this was my first time to the theater.
In the theater, you can order anything from the restaurant; 
pizza, burgers, beer... and tickets are only $3 for an adult, $1 for a Ramona.
It was full of couches, love seats, and funky old padded school chairs.
She hated the monsters, but loved the endless popcorn and saltwater taffy I was giving her.
I think we'll do it again soon, and take Daddy, too.

A funny birthday card I received from one of my oldest and dearest friends.
The kind of friend who can make fun of one my silliest insecurities, while simultaneously make me bawl due to the sincerity and depth of the note written inside.

As if my day could get any better, the night literally sparkled;
after the movie, I was so pleased to see that the clouds had scattered and viewing the Perseid Meteor Shower was possible.
I have such vivid, fond memories of piling blankets in the yard with my mom and brother as a child, and watching the stars.
I couldn't wait to share that memory with Ramona.
We drove to a park a few blocks away, and Ramona was mostly thrilled to be able to slide and swing in the near-dark. 
We snuggled on the grass and pointed to the sky.
She said, "I wish I had a ladder. I would climb up to the sky and fill my pail with stars and bring them back down 
and light everything up. What are stars made of, again?"
It was the perfect end to a perfect, perfect day.

I had the very best time turning twenty-seven.
I feel incredibly loved by, and in love with, all of my people.



  1. #1 youre gorgeous. #2 great photos #3 what does your husband do? his schedule seems like my hubs #4 loving your writing keep it up.

    1. #1 you're the sweetest. ever. #2 the iphone is a gem, and so much more convenient than our clunky dslr. #3 he is in fine dining. we have both worked in restaurants throughout college, and now as we finish grad school the schedule continues to be perfect. Plus, Portland is where everyone with a liberal arts degree goes to work in the service industry ;) #4 again, with the sweetness!


  2. happy birthday!
    you look beautiful in your red dress