Saturday, June 22, 2013


Blogs are ultimately a source of inspiration and motivation,
and of course mine comes from those that I follow and have continued to come back to time and time again.
I have never had a 'blog roll' on this space and it's not because I don't follow blogs, of course I do!
I check them more than I check my own email (not true).
I just have a hard time committing to putting a list of blogs on my own, that's all. I don't know.

Through social media, I have truly found a sense of community and support, and for that I am so grateful.
With that said, I feel the need to at least do a bit of a shout-out post on some of my favorites,
to show you where I glean bits of my own inspiration.

This is in no way an exhaustive list,
but these are ones that I always keep up on in one way or another.

▲▲▲Inspiring me each in their own unique ways, here you have it:

// Photo source: here //

 Pencil Box // Katie Stratton, who writes this beautiful, light, and airy blog, is just lovely.
She is an incredible artist, and her posts are quite literally a breath of fresh air.

 Oh Dear Drea // Oh dear, I just LOVE Drea. She is real. Plain and simple. And I like that.

 Bleubird // James of the Bleubird blog is all sorts of cool.
She shares a bit about homeschooling her four insanely beautiful children, fun recipes, and each post has smatterings of her effortlessly rad sense of style.
Hers was the first blog I discovered a few years ago when planning my wedding;
I came across her wedding and instantly fell in love.

 The Weigands // Casey is the cutest ever.
She has the sunniest disposition, and the most adorable three kids.
I always enjoy everything she has to say, especially her posts on parenting.

 The Fresh Exchange // This lovely blog is just, well, so fresh.
It is kept by an awesome husband and wife duo who are endlessly creative photographers,
who are also obviously very passionate about food, drinks, and living a beautiful life.
Oh, please follow them on Instagram. I promise you wont be disappointed. 

 Spilled Milk // This photography blog focuses on various themes, all related to parenthood.
It is a collaboration of fourteen rad mamas who each give their spin on the week's theme.
Beautiful photographs, powerful imagery.

❼ the c-word // Whenever I read Christine Fadel's blog, I think to myself,
"I really wish we were friends in real life," because damn it, we would be.
Realness and hilariousness and gorgeousness practically ooze from this lady, and she also has a really adorable daughter to take the cake.

 NAT THE FAT RAT // If you can go to Natalie Holbrook's blog and not laugh hysterically, something might be seriously wrong with you.
Oh and her son, Huck, is probably the cutest (boy) toddler on this planet.


I know, 8.
What a weird number that isn't quite 10, but those are my favorites.
I enjoy each of these blogs so very much.
I hope that you will, too!



  1. Yes, we would absolutely be friends in real life, damn it! Marlo and me just need to make a trip out west and have some hang time this fall. xx.

    1. You absolutely should! Portland/the Northwest is not to missed in the late summer/early fall. And likewise.. I have never been to NY! It is a mythical land that I need to see for myself. Central Park, hotdogs + pretzels, rude cab drivers... that's what I think of. Ha!