Thursday, June 27, 2013


I am so grateful to have spent the last 5 years with this man.
We have never been able to agree on the actual day that we started dating,
all we know for sure is that it was the last week of June, 2008,
when he surprised me by flying down to Austin to bring me home, to be with him. 

It all began in a metaphysics classroom in Eugene, Oregon. 
It was 2006, I was new to campus and to town, and there he was. 
I had a pretty serious boyfriend at the time, yet I just couldn't get this adorable guy in my class out of my mind.

We remained friends, I never stopped thinking about him.
For over 2 years I thought about him. 
It was an energy, an unexplainable connection that I had never felt with anyone else.
I was stuck in one of those relationships that isn't bad, but just not right. 
You know the ones. Somehow, they are the hardest to leave because you almost don't have a reason.
I decided it was time. I needed a change, my best friend was living in Austin, so I moved. 
I left everything behind, including all of my belongings, and moved to Texas.

I spent about a month there, revitalizing my spirit over mexican martinis and jumping into clear blue lakes.

Then he showed up.

It was that feeling of climax when you've been waiting so long to have someone, dreaming about what it would feel like to have them, but not ever knowing if you'd ever be in the same place at the same time.
And then there they are, standing on your doorstep in Texas.

He stayed with me for one amazing week.
Before he left he told me to come home, whenever I was ready he would be waiting.
I was ready.

I cannot believe it has been five years since that week-long dream.
I have loved him every second since.

//an assortment of photos from that dreamy week in Austin, 2008//

Cheers to five years!


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