Thursday, May 9, 2013

Playing tourists in our own city.

Over the weekend, Ramona June was enjoying her Grandparents and cousins hundreds of miles away,
and her daddy and I made the most of every last second. 
And by the way, the weather here couldn't have been better for biking, patio-lounging, and overall fun-having. 
Three of my very favorite things.

This is a bit of what we did:

Letting loose at the davis street tavern industry wine tasting event.

Anthropologie Mother's Day DIY event: kokedama orchid string garden,
hosted by Alyson of unruly-things. So fun.

Biking over the Broadway Bridge, on my way to meet Cody downtown for a late night snack.

Incredible brunch at podnah's pit in the sunshine with my babe, before biking to our massages (!!!).

Driving to the hot springs, taking in the view of the Columbia River from the North.

Mineral-soaked and relaxed. 

From Cape Horn, on our drive back to the city.

Stumptown coffee in the lobby of the ace hotel.

Photobooth fail at the ace hotel before wine tasting.

Huge wine tasting event, turned fire-evacuation; let's just say we all took the party outside.

Wine + cheesin'.

Late-afternoon hangover cure: via tribunali (we had our rehearsal dinner here, too!) 
and biking across town to a free comedy show at Bar of the Gods.


Portland is the best place to explore, even when you live here.
Good food, good people, and sightseeing for days.
I will always relish these times with my husband; 
when life seems so busy and constant, 
we are still able to let go and live a bit, too.


  1. What a fun weekend! Steve and I haven't had a date night in ages. I sure do miss him sometimes! :)

    1. It is so important, and so hard to make time to do. We loved every second and are already planning another weekend like it later this summer!

      I say plan it ;)

  2. Love your blog and all your beautiful photos. Your girl is adorable! :)