Friday, April 5, 2013


Ramona's third birthday was on Wednesday, the 27th.
The little lady she is growing into makes me so proud to be her mama;
She has suddenly extended each of her sentences by about 10 words,
she has no fears when trying new things (her new trike is keeping me on my toes!), 
and she has the biggest sense of imagination and humor.

We love you to the moon, Ramona June. 
Happy birthday, love!

We had such a perfect, relaxing time last week. 
I wish I could lay around at a beach house reading and eating every week.
I think we have finally realized that since Cody and I are both going to be teachers, 
and Ramona a student, the three of us will always have spring break off together to celebrate her birthday! 
What a perfect scenario!

//These are just a few photos that we took, 
many turned out to be 4 cousins in a congealed blur//


**and I am going to be joining in on the 52 project. Stay tuned for those weekly posts! 


  1. Your daughter looks adorable and I love your pictures :)
    Vintage Inspired Girls

  2. That's so sweet! Thank you!