Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Nailed it.

This weekend was incredibly this way or that.

 It began by finding out that they "chose to go with another candidate,"
it was a way-too-long line outside the comedy show we were supposed to go to, 
then it was changing plans and staying up laughing and dancing all night with friends from out of town.
It was finding two pairs of dream pants at a used shop,
only to take them home, put them in the laundry, and mysteriously dye most of the load a bold shade of purple.

It was lots of feeling overwhelmed and under pressure to succeed,
then it was just enough relaxing in the sun, blowing bubbles, and gardening with my family.
It was Ramona catching a cold and needing to sleep (pee) in our bed,
and it was finding $1 butterfly nets and dinosaur figurines at Target.
It was tripping on the sidewalk, breaking my leather sandal, and not catching any bugs, 
yet it was an extra inquisitive girl who wouldn't let go of my hand the whole walk back home. 

It was also finding out that I finally won my first giveaway! 
The sweetest Naomi from lovetaza // Rockstar Diaries emailed me,
informing me that I had won a pair of kid's Bonlook sunglasses that she and her husband helped to create! 
There was definitely a bit of celebrity shock seeing taza in my inbox!
I am so elated that I won anything, because I have entered my fair share of giveaways and have never won anything,
but I won the coolest, most stylish pair of kid's sunglasses imaginable! 
I would love a pair of Bonlook glasses for myself, but I'll take an almost-indestructible pair (180-degree hinges!) of retro inspired sunnies for Ramona any day!

This weekend was all sorts of ups and downs.
It left me exhausted, moving forward, and realizing that there really are a lot of ups.
I'm going to focus on those.

This weekend taught me that with every let down or struggle,
there is something perfectly funny, adorable, or more worth your time and energy about to take place. 

It also taught me that I need to review healthy foods and exercise with Ramona;
while having a conversation about this very thing, and after discussing a handful of the healthy foods we love,
I asked her what her favorite foods were; she replied, 
"peanut butter cereal and poop juice."

Nailed it.