Friday, February 1, 2013

Vegan chili that will make you rethink vegan chili.

I had no idea what to make for dinner, it was 3:30 and I hadn't even given it a thought.
I usually have a lot of canned beans and tomatoes on hand, so this was a natural fall-back for me.

I make a lot of soups in the fall and winter, and a fibrously-filling, hearty chili may be one of my favorites. You could very well use dry beans and slow cook it all day, but I used organic canned beans which cut the cook time to about 40 minutes.

This chili is delicious, healthy, and completely vegan!
Also, my three-year-old devours it!

▲What you'll need:
-olive oil
-2 chopped red potatoes
-1/2 to a whole medium sweet onion
-2 chopped carrots
-2 cloves fresh minced garlic
-2 cups cut kale
-2 cans crushed tomatoes
-2 cans beans 
(I used navy and kidney, but I have used garbanzo, black, 
cannelini in the past. really, any combo works!)
-1 chopped bell pepper
-fresh, roasted corn sliced off of a cob
-a couple fresh jalapenos, diced
-chili powder
-ancho chili powder
-dried parsley
-dried oregano
-red pepper flakes

1. Heat olive oil in a big pan, over medium heat.
2. Cook the potatoes for a few minutes, then add the carrots and onion until soft.
3. Add the minced garlic, and brown for about 30 seconds (don't burn!).
4. Add the slices of corn, brown just slightly.
5. Add all of the spices and toss with the potatoes and carrot mixture for another minute or two.
6. Toss in the cans of tomatoes and cans of beans, and mix well with the spices and veggies.
7. Lower the heat a bit, down to about medium-low, and simmer for 30 minutes or until potatoes are fully-cooked.
8. You can add the bell pepper and jalapeno at any time, to your taste. 
9. Add the kale and let cook down for the last 5 minutes. 
10. Garnish with avocado and/or extra jalapenos and there you have it! A colorful, warm, and incredibly nutritious meal (plus leftovers for days)! Enjoy! 

✖You could add cheese, sour cream, plain yogurt, etc as a garnish, for all the non-vegans out there.
✖fyi: It would go perfectly with this also non-vegan cornbread.

This little lady has been eating variations of this since she was a wee one, and she still loves it.


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