Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Maurice Sendak.

I am fascinated by Maurice Sendak. 
His books have always inspired me and, from an early age,
have ignited in me a sense of contentment with the variety of emotions that we all inevitably feel.
Especially as a child, it was so important that my feelings were reaffirmed, 
that someone was telling me that it was ok to embrace all types of days, 
all sorts of thoughts.

As many of you know, he passed away last May. 
Sendak was acutely aware of death and mortality all of his life and, in his later years,
he faced it with a beautiful vulnerability and grace.

I found this short tribute to Sendak
 illustrated by Christoph Niemann of The New York Times
and interviewed by Terri Gross of NPR.

I imagine Maurice would have really enjoyed this. Or maybe he would've hated it, but he would've done so with a passion that very few of us possess.

There is something about this interview, which you can find the rest of here
that is so unique and raw and dignified, that I seem to cry every time I watch it. 

I can only hope to grow so wise about life and death. 


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