Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Bouncy balls on a sunny day our winter garden little brown eyes Ramona painted mama bricks cheesy okra cornbread chipped paint our beautiful gym puzzles in the sun homemade scones


It's busy around here in all the good ways. 
Lots of baking, singing while daddy plays the guitar, reading stories, and tea with honey at home,
and lots of studying, reading novels, presentation preparing, and 6th grader tutoring for school.
Ramona has been sick with one thing after another for about two weeks now. 
The late nights are wearing on me, but I think she's nearing a full recovery soon. 

Last night, while looking out the window at the nearly-full moon, Ramona said to me, 
"Mama, look at the moon! It's full of milk. Or cheese. I need a rocket ship so I can go check."

Oh my girl, you are so curious. Your wonders persist all day long. I love you so.


▲The recipe I used for the scones (I highly recommend you use it, too): Coconut white chocolate scones  



  1. Your blog is so cute! Love it ! following you on bloglovin !



    1. Thank you, Alycia! I will have to pop over to your little space, too ;)