Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Our girl had her very first day of preschool today.

We woke up extra early, 
and ate a breakfast of blueberry pancakes to mark this very special day.

We said "have fun, see you soon!"
Ramona giggled, mama cried, and daddy laughed and put his arm around me, 
then the two of us drove away and got real sappy over a couple of coffees.

She did so well for her first day, 
her teacher said that she was very impressed 
 that Ramona knew to clean up her workspace in the art room after painting. 
My girl is a little silly about putting things away. 
I wonder where she gets that from...

It was a really, really big day over here.
I am all sorts of proud.



Footnote: Ramona has never been in any sort of child care, so this is huge. We do lots and lots of things with other children, but between that and Ramona's incredibly headstrong ways, I was little nervous about how she'd be today. She isn't even three-years-old yet, so preschool two days a week feels just right. I can't wait to see how she grows and learns from the other kids. 

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