Thursday, December 20, 2012

My mom is rad.

Why, hello cutest mug! tiny, Ramona-sized juice cups Kaj Franck enamel mushroom bowl

Like I mentioned in the post before, Ramona and I went back (to my) home in Olympia last weekend, and while we were there we visited my mom downtown at her super cute little mid-century vintage shop, Peacock Vintage. Every time I go, she hands me all sorts of beautiful treasures asking, "do you want this? could you use this?" She definitely spoiled me this time.

If you are in Olympia for any reason, this little brick and mortar store has so much to see. 
Much much more than her etsy shop currently has listed. 
My mom has fantastic taste in everything retro-modern.

Let's just say I walk away happy every time.
Thanks, Mama!


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