Sunday, December 23, 2012

Bow so simple.

I just reorganized my sewing box after being on my own case for awhile about it now,
and ever since I made it all pretty and neat again
I've been itching to sew like a mad woman.

The creative energy has been reignited.
There are innumerable projects that I want to do.

I discovered that I had some scraps of felt laying around
so I made these super easy headbands and drank a cup of tea
while Ramona read her library books this afternoon.
It took about 5 minutes per bow.

For one bow you'll need:

▲A piece of felt, about 4" X 2.5"
▲Another piece of felt, 1" X 2.5"
▲A needle and thread or fabric glue (I hand-stitched mine)
▲An elastic headband (or whatever metal clip you want to put it on)

▲Pinch the center of your rectangle bow piece in place with your fingers,
Sew or glue into place.

▲Take the smaller center felt piece and wrap it around the center of the bow, 
be sure to put your elastic inside. Sew into place.


I made one grey, and one red bow. 
Ramona thinks they are pretty fancy, especially when worn as a bow tie. 
An awesome thing about rapidly growing toddlers: 
their heads are about the size of an adult's so we can share! 


psst... it's Christmas Eve tomorrow! 
We're going to play in the snow all day then have dinner with friends. 
I love this time of year! 


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