Friday, October 26, 2012

Rainbow worms.

We made these colorful little "worms" last week,
they were a big, big hit with Ramona. 

We just cooked up a package of spaghetti, separated the noodles into a few different bowls, and dyed them each a different color. Only a drop or two of food coloring is necessary, trust me!

She played, she squealed, she squished, she even nibbled a few. 
I didn't think of this as we were making them, but she got her new scissors out and practiced cutting.

She did this uninterrupted for nearly an hour.

"wook, mama! noodle shoes!"

This was a super fun sensory activity, although, I may wait until next spring to do it again (outside).
The cleanup was a nightmare, but so worth it.

What activities are you coming up with on these rainy days?


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