Friday, November 1, 2013


We had so much fun this year.
Ramona was in preschool all day, Cody and I had dentist appointments, and I worked with the preschooler I tutor in reading.
We met for a late lunch at lardo; we split a sandwich, a wedge salad, an order of garlic/rosemary fries, and a couple of beers.

We ran home to change into our costumes in about five minutes, 
and swooped Ramona from preschool where she quickly transformed from a dinosaur to a panda bear.
Then we walked down NE Alberta to begin the trick-or-treat marathon we didn't realize we were beginning.
Ramona was so tired and wouldn't even say anything at first,
 but half way through she was a seasoned trick-or-treater declaring, "I can go by myself, mama."
She even starting scouting houses, saying things like "that one over there with the flashing pumpkin light, that is a good one."
My utter joy and denial, pictured below.

^^Yep, that's my old panda costume. My mom made it about 25 years ago.
You can see little me in it, here.

This man.
He is so good to me, and to Ramona.
Every time I come home I inevitably find the house a disaster;
a beautiful disaster with evidence of blanket forts that were built, dishes that Ramona did with him,
a pile of watercolor paintings that they created, or a delicious, creative dinner that he's made for me.
What I find is our happy, always-laughing girl and the way she is cosmically tangled with her father.
He is the man of our dreams.

^^pumpkin ale 'stache

My job.
I spend a lot of time with bright, creative, hilarious minature people.
They are so refreshing, so themselves and honest.
Today, a little boy in my 4th grade class (I'm the student teacher) said to me,
"I can't wait until you're our teacher, Mrs. Mitchell. You are really good at making me understand things."
My heart.


& this.
My favorite thing about this:
*this study did not include fake butts


Happy weekend, folks!


  1. I love this! And I love sharing your life with you from afar. Thank you!

  2. great read! very handsome hubby & adorable panda cub. and i balled when i watched the baby get emotional. damn weaning hormones.