Thursday, November 14, 2013


Here I am, nine entire months later letting you know how my experiment with dry shampoo went.

I am by no means a girl who can go for eight days without washing my hair.
Separated completely from being high-maintenance, if there is a shower near me I will use it.
With that said, the way I use dry shampoo is this:
I shower on day 1, brush my hair out and use dry shampoo on day 2, if I haven't exercised or moved my body much,
I might use dry shampoo again on day 3, but usually will wash my hair by the second evening.

I have really started to rely on it on days when I have to be at work by 6:15 am.
It freshens up my hair and my whole look, without having to do much at all.
Also, the hair problems I was having are virtually gone (details on that here).

Along with using dry shampoo, I've stopped buying the cheapest shampoo on the market.
I would've never believed this either, but the thing that I've found to work the very best
for my mane is Dr Bronners peppermint soap.
I'm no expert, but it feels like the natural oils have balanced my hair
and have stripped all of the fake stuff out from all the bad shampoos I have used over the years.
Dr Bronners for shampoo/body wash, a tiny bit of argan oil on the tips in place of conditioner, and dry shampoo in between washing.
This regimen has made my hair feel lighter, much less oily, and my natural waves are back (instead of stringy and flat to my head).

I tried the cheapo stuff, and it worked pretty well!
It smelled good, didn't leave any white residue in my dark hair (I was really afraid of that), and I believe it was under $5.
Seriously, it will do the trick.

BUT THEN, I got my hands on some Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair.
I don't know what it was, maybe the scent is created with some magical pheromone
that communicated to me that it was more than worth the nearly $40.
Again, no white residue, lovely smell that makes you think you're at the beach (or is it the tangly, wavy hair?),
and it seemed to last me a long time.
This product is good. Trust me.

There you have it.
I liked the cheap stuff, but I keep buying the expensive stuff.
My hair is feeling better than it has in year, and so am I.



  1. great post - good to know too. have you tried klorane? that's the best one i tried and it's about $28. but i am def going to try bonners on my hair now!!!

    1. I haven't tried klorane, but I will have to now! And yes, Dr Bronners is seriously a miracle soap.