Friday, October 4, 2013


We decided to get out for the afternoon today, and found ourselves happily at Arbor Lodge park.
It was exactly what we needed after nearly a week of passing colds around, cooped up in our house; 
we kicked off our shoes and played together in this unseasonable sunshine for nearly three hours.
Cody made a delicious kale salad (the last of our garden greens) 
with chicken breast, pear, walnuts, cranberries, carrots, celery, and an apricot/fig dressing.
The three of us passed one bowl around in between slides and frisbee tosses.
Today was so good.

Cody found this particular park by accident one day when he was biking.
I remember he came home and said, "It has slides that seem to be built into the hills!"
There is a sand pit, slides that literally flow down turf hills (no grass stains!), a giant xylophone,
multiple turtle sculptures to climb and play on, twisty climbing walls, fields to run in, tennis courts, and a hammock swing.
hammock swing.
It was just as much fun for Cody and I as it was for Ramona.
If you live in Portland, you have to visit Arbor Lodge park in North Portland.
It's the most unique and fun park I have ever been to.


Since we spend an unreasonable amount of time at various parks in the city,
I thought this park could kick off a new series here called: PARKS.
Possibly boring, and a way for me to lazily post photos of stuff we already do?

Have a good weekend, friends!



  1. we're also looking for new places to go with a park nearby, it's crazy how parenting changes even that!

  2. We are heading up to Portland right after Christmas to visit family and look forward to checking this out. Thanks mama!!

    1. it's going to be really chilly, but it is still a must see park! yay!