Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Last Friday we went out to our favorite place outside of the city: Sauvie Island.
In the summer, it's where we swim. 
In the fall, it's where we go to warm our souls with caramel apples, corn on the cob, kettle corn, and hayrides. 
We met Priscilla and Brayden, loves from my life in Eugene, and had the best time
getting our boots muddy, running through the corn maze and flower gardens,
picking the perfect pumpkins, or in Ramona's case,
pocketing the tiniest pumpkin she could find.


You may have noticed that things have been a little slow around here. 
I have about seven posts drafted; some half-done,
some just with titles to serve as a mere reminder as to what I was thinking for those ten fleeting seconds, 
but then my priorities scream out: 
"do your homework so you keep your 4.0, you big idiot!," or "go read your daughter a book!," 
or "go buy $150 of hm clothes online just because you just found out that they sell online!" 

You know, the important stuff. 

Seriously though, life is good. 
It's all sorts of hectic and I am getting no sleep, and some sort of illness as a result I'm afraid.
I'm taking three classes, I'm working in three different schools, I'm working three days a week at my job,
and I'm somehow still doing a pretty good job of raising a three-year-old version of myself.

To say that I have been running from here to there is an understatement. 
Also, my husband has been backpacking in Mt. Hood Wilderness for the past five days.
My mom was here Sunday through this morning to help me out, but I can't wait to have him back.

I keep wondering if things will ever slow down, if I'll ever again be able to read for pleasure or eat a whole plate of food. 
One day, perhaps. But for now, everything I'm doing I'm doing because it is endlessly fulfilling. 
It's a process. I'm getting there.

I made the time to go to Trader Joe's today to stock up on all things pumpkin, 
so that's something I did out of sheer pleasure (or is that necessity?)!
I mean, pumpkin cream cheese is probably more important than sleep.

Take care, ya'll. 
I'm still here.


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