Saturday, September 14, 2013


Everything seems to be changing from what has been to what will;
from summer to fall, from outside to in, from free-time to "what's free time, again?"
The change from Summer to Fall is always a melancholy one for me,
but this time around, I'm welcoming every bit of it.

I won't bore you with what busies me at the moment, or rather, the list is too long to keep any sane person interested.
Today, for example, I slanged croissants from 7:30-3, I came home and got about 30 minutes of reading and sun-worshiping in
before my people came home, then I loved on my little girl and did two puzzles
before I tackled a sink full of dishes (sans dishwasher) and made dinner,
we showered together, did the whole bedtime dance,
then I registered for a social studies conference, put a load of laundry in, and here we are...
I said I wouldn't make a list, too. At least it isn't exhaustive.
You're welcome.

After the best six weeks of river-lounging, Hawaiian-vacationing, and garden-tending,
I am actually loving being back in the classroom, back in the real world.

➹my new hat.

A few other new things:

▲An author recently asked me to do a book review on one of his bilingual books.
As I am not bilingual myself I'll be gathering a few resources before I tackle this,
though I do feel that I have a pretty good understanding of the needs of children who are.
Stay tuned!

▲Ramona was rummaging through the refrigerator tonight as I was cooking dinner.
She apparently, desperately, needed a pickle.
I said, "Ramona, I don't think pickles go very well with stir-fry."
She said, without hesitation, "Relax mom, I only want one."
My three-year-old just told me to relax. 
That's precisely when you stop relaxing.

▲Not but twenty minutes after that last statement, she was banging her dinosaurs on the kitchen table.
I said, "Sweetie, please stop hitting the table."
Her reply, you ask? Oh the typical three-year-old response of:
"Our brain tells us to do stuff (moves her arms around really fast)
Look mama, my brain is telling me to do this. It isn't me."
Help me. I have nothing.

▲I went to buffalo exchange for the first time in awhile yesterday.
I sold a few old things and spent most of my time trying to corral my overly-tired child.
Somehow I still managed to find a few amazing fall pieces (that I didn't spend a dime on!) 
that I cannot wait for the weather to permit me to put on my body.
A vintage green felt hat a lot like this one, a chunky brown sweater, and a levi's jean jacket.
Let's do this, Fall!

▲My husband celebrated his 28th birthday on Thursday,
and likely sprouted another 28 grey hairs to add to his overall sex-appeal.
Unfortunately, I had a dermatologist appointment in the early morning (no cancer, woo!),
class from 12-2, and class again from 5:30-8:30.
Ramona was in preschool all day that day, so he went golfing with a friend,
and we had a midday date over German biers and pretzel sandwiches at Prost between classes.
I did, however, make this incredible carrot cake the night before with Ramona.
We all agreed that it really is the best carrot cake any of us have ever eaten.
(I made a few changes, as I always do. I cut the oil by about 1/4 cup, and replaced it with organic applesauce. 
I also used half brown sugar, half white sugar. 
I added a tablespoon vanilla, a few tablespoons of flax seed, and walnuts - no raisins.)
It's his favorite cake, and he loved it. 

I hope you're having a great weekend, friends!



  1. though it has to be maddening, it was funny to read the story of Ramona at the table!

    1. it was hilarious! her father had apparently explained to her the day before how our brains send signals to our body... etc.. and now it is her excuse for everything! "my brain is doing it, not me." :)