Thursday, September 26, 2013


mixing clay with water / painting her own face / a giant lite-brite aka the coolest thing there

The sweetest mama always comes into my restaurant with her one-year-old daughter.
We hit it off one slow morning (I wasn't even her server) 
as we chatted about our kids' eating habits and the isolation we felt postpartum.
Every time since she's requested me and, over cappuccinos and croissants, we have become fast friends.
A few weeks ago I wrote my phone number on her bill, and we quickly made plans to have our daughters meet.
Yesterday, we met at the children's museum and I realized immediately how huge it was 
for me to step out of my shell and give her my number. 

We giggled at our cute girls, used every opportunity we could to teach sharing skills, and
I left feeling genuinely, personally connected to this woman. 
And it felt really good.

At my age, it is fairly rare that I meet, let alone want to spend time with, new people.
And it's especially rare that I meet such wonderful and thoughtful people with such cute babies.
We are already planning the next play date,
and I'm loving the liberating sensation associated with opening up to new friends.


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