Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Into the woods.

My sweet little family and I went camping last week in the Mt Hood wilderness, just east of Portland.
Since she was a baby, we have taken Ramona camping many times,
but this was the first time she slept. She actually slept.
She's always had anxiety about sleeping in a tent, and we'd end up with a screaming toddler in the middle of the silent campground... not this time!

We watched the sun rise and fall, chased grasshoppers and butterflies, splashed in the cold water, gazed at the stars above us in our tent, finished reading those parenting books, and stumbled upon the most beautiful high mountain artisan spring lake I have ever seen; 
blues and greens and golds like I never knew existed, 45 feet deep.

We slowed down and breathed in our surroundings;
discussed plants and bugs and seasons and fire safety.
Ramona soaked everything in, as we soaked up every bit of her.
It was the perfect end to a most perfect summer.

If you'd like to see about 20 more photos of trees and campfires and other such things, it's after the break.

//I return to school next week, back to reality!//



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