Friday, August 23, 2013


Ramona and I are headed north tomorrow morning to visit Grandma, and three of my very best friends.
She is going to stay with my mom for two nights, while my friends and I indulge ourselves.
We rented a cabin on Hood Canal, on the edge of the woods, with a creek running past the porch.
We are taking it way back: face masks, wine, counting crows, scrabble tournaments,
and a whole lot of unnecessary laughter. 
I can't imagine a better send off to what was the most fantastic summer break.

I start school again on Tuesday, and Ramona goes back to her regular preschool schedule the following week.
Naturally, I'm dreaming of things to make me feel better about returning to the mundane (rewarding!) schedule that is 
work, school, work, school, eat Ramona's leftovers, laundry, dishes, work, school.

Five things I love, that get me excited about hitting the books:

This chalkboard from Simplychi
I'd take one for my desk, or one for Ramona's room, or ten for my classroom for small-group work.

❷  This warm yellow Kanken Mini from Darling Celmentine
because I really love yellow on my Ramona June.
(I wouldn't mind getting one for myself!)

This birch geography jigsaw from The Land of Nod.
Educational and pretty.

The rain. It started raining tonight as I was writing this,
and absolutely the rain gets me the most excited about the impending season. 
The sound and the smell of a late summer, northwest rain shower fills me with nostalgia;
the unreasonable excitement of shopping for school supplies,
the compulsion of wearing that awful sweater your grandmother gifted you for your birthday.

Oh so pretty! This gorgeous 2014 calendar from Anthropologie.
Although, I'm not sure I would mark any deadlines on this.

Happy weekend, friends.
Back to school we go!


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