Sunday, July 28, 2013


The three of us are home again. Together.
We fit everything we possibly could into our time on Kauai, it was the most amazing getaway imaginable.
I feel so connected to Cody, stuffed full of amazing fish and fruit, and I have some seriously gorgeous landscapes forever etched into my memory.

Seeing Ramona light up when I opened the front door made me cry immediately, and the hours and hours that followed, listening to her tell us about her time with grandparents and cousins, were spent just inches apart. 
I missed her terribly, but in ten days she grew beyond measure in all sorts of good, beautiful ways. 

It feels great to be back home. 
I am ready to get back to reality. I like my reality an awful lot.
I can't get my mind off of all of our favorite Portland eateries.
I better make a list.

//Photos and details about our time on Kauai will be up very soon//


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