Friday, June 14, 2013

Weekend at Ed's.

Last weekend Cody and I spent two nights with our friends in Astoria, Oregon while Ramona stayed with Grandma.
The whole trip was to welcome our dear friend, Ed, home from his time in the Peace Corps in Ukraine.
We ate too many tacos, we sang, got accidental sunburns, enjoyed the most incredible views, played with sparklers,
(probably) trespassed when we used his neighbor's hottub (i mean, it was hot and they were out of town...), stayed up way too late, ate fish and chips at the Sunday market, and did lots of cartwheels in the sand. 

Friends from all over the country were there, friends from college who have dispersed over the years. 
Ed came home with so many amazing stories, my stomach is still sore from laughing.
These are the days that we live for; days spent reconnecting with friends, sharing our beautiful experiences.

I am so proud of Ed for his service, and so happy he brought so many of us together for the most epic weekend.


//I am still getting used to juggling my new busy schedule. 
Being this busy seems to give me more energy, but it doesn't give me any more time 
and that's what I really need//

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