Friday, May 24, 2013

Shout it from the rooftops.

I am very excited to say that I was hired part-time at an adorable little bakery/bistro right in my neighborhood...

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I have been slowly searching for a little something to do in the mornings, a few days a week.
I mean, I love the thought of getting dressed and socializing with adults over great food.
It's close enough for me to walk or bike, the schedule is exactly what I am looking for, 
and who doesn't like an extra bit of income?

I am looking forward to the challenge of balancing it all. 
The time spent at home or working on schoolwork will be that much more valuable. 
I'm welcoming the quiet, early morning walks to work, the hectic nature of a restaurant, 
and the new-to-us experience of missing one another for even just a few hours.  
Ramona has already been talking about how often I go to do homework; 
me going to work again will definitely be a transition for all of us. 
I'm optimistic that she will grow right along with the changes. 

In sum, yes, I found a job at a really cute little place blocks from our house at exactly the time I wanted to,
but all I really want to do is to profess my gratitude for my darling husband.

For just over three years, I have been able to spend my time 
focused on raising our sweet girl, finishing school, and taking giant steps toward a fulfilling career. 
With him about to begin his own Masters program, I want so badly to take some of the weight off of him now, too. 
I want him to be able to focus on himself, his career, just as he made certain I did.

I witnessed every. single. first. moment.
I'll never quite be able to put to words what spending Ramona's first years always by her side meant to me. 
The closeness her and I share signifies so much to me about my relationship with her father; 
he always knew how important our bond with our children is. 

We have shown her how love and patience can bring us together, and further us along.
I love and appreciate him more than he could ever know, 
for giving Ramona a most beautiful start.


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  1. Good luck with that new job and kinda new life. It's a new challenge for Ramona but sure she'll soon accomodate to the new situation.