Monday, April 8, 2013

Motherhood Mondays.


A bit about this mama:
I am half-way through my Masters of Arts in Teaching degree.
It is a two year program, part-time.
That piece about it being part-time is key, 
because it is a tremendous amount of work becoming a master of anything
 whilst caring for a three-year-old full-time. 

On Saturday I attended a practicum and student teaching placement orientation that was so helpful;
it really painted a picture of what that those experiences will look like. What they will feel like.

In so many ways I am beyond excited that I am that much closer, moving forward.
Through a different lens, I am entirely unprepared for the shock of being away from my family full-time.
The practicum lasts 6 weeks, student teaching lasts 12.
Five days a week. Full-time.

It blows my mind whenever I see mothers who juggle work and school and children so gracefully.
I am a total mess! Please share some of your patience, your peace of mind with me!

My practicum won't even begin until February of next year,
yet I'm already thinking about how to juggle our three schedules:
Cody will be entering in the same program I am in, taking classes two nights a week and working the other evenings, 
I will be full-time in a school during the days, creating two work samples in my free time,
and Ramona will be in preschool 3-4 mornings a week.

It is often chaotic, but we seem to figure it out every time something changes. 
And really, we have months and months to find our balance.
Mamas are just meant to worry, I suppose.


//Do you keep a schedule or routine that would seem impossible to others, but works for you and your family?//


  1. I don't really have any advice, but wanted to encourage you all the same! You're doing an amazing job. It's confusing and stressful figuring things out...but you're moving forward and that's awesome!

    This mama is impressed! Oh, and those parents who seem to have it all together, I'm guessing that they're just trying to figure it all out and juggle as well. Some just do a great job of making things look effortless. :)

  2. Thank you for those sweet words of encouragement. Things usually work out so well that I wonder why I ever worried :) I hope that is the case next February! xo