Saturday, January 19, 2013

Goin' home.

 I spent the last number of days with my nose in many, many children's books,
reviewing and journaling them, but mostly getting nostalgic over them.

I'm taking a class currently called Literacy Through Literature,
wherein we will be reading roughly 20 children's books,
covering all possible genres
(picture book, classics, realistic fiction, historical fiction, fantasy, traditional, beginning reader chapter book, poetry, biography).

I sat on every cushion on my couch, in three coffee shops, and in my University's library in the last few days.

I will try to remember to post the others I read, but for now...
today, Ramona and I are headed north. 

She is going to stay with my mom in Olympia, 
while I go enjoy a ladies' night in Seattle with some of the best that I know.
We are celebrating the end of a messy divorce for one, 
and with another, I celebrate twenty years of friendship this year!
Friendship is support, it is love and joy, it withstands the test of time,
and it is providing copious amounts of wine 
and "Independence Day" themed parties when necessary, too. 


I'm listening to this sweet song (the whole album) on the road, 
anticipating hugging my mama and my girls:

Happy weekend, and I hope you find the time to spend time with friends, too!


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