Friday, November 9, 2012

The stuff of legends.

Frop top, left to right: Nov 5, 2008 Jan 21, 2009 Jun 29, 2012 Nov 7, 2012

Obama was reelected and I drank champagne to calm my excitement.
Then I ran to the store the next morning to pick up an addition to our collection.
What a relief for women, minorities, teachers, the un- and underinsured, the middle class. 
I believe in this man with all that I am.

On another note, my family left this morning to visit the grandparents on the eastern side of the state. 
Leaving me to clean the entire house before 9:30, bike through the icy cold elements to get my nails shellacked (i just discovered this in August, I love it!), grab some seasonal cocktails with some friends this evening, then fly out to LA in the morning to visit my dear old friend, Brittany. 

I'll be missing my babies terribly, but this shall be a sweet, fine weekend in the sun for this mama. 


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